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A house is usually considered as the primary asset of a person and his family. It’s safety is of paramount importance. A fire or gas leak can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Often, it is too late by the time anyone gets aware of a threatening building safety situation. A smart home system can be your close assistant which can have an eye on your property 24x7. Amie smart home automation can easily integrate to various sensors to give you early warnings and in certain cases act automatically. Here are the Amie Smart home devices and various situations in which the Amie products turns Automatically ON and sending warning messages.



Smart Home Products and Alerts



Fire Hazard -


Amie can detect rapid and extreme changes in temperature when integrated to standard temperature sensors. It can then take measures to switch on sprinklers automatically or notify the user about a potential threat. The G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints, one of the Amie Smart home products help to integrate with temperature sensors.



Smoke -


Smoke is often what happens first before a fire outbreak. Electric short circuits are a major cause of fire outbreaks worldwide. But before a fire outbreak, there is usually a long period when the spot gets hot and emits fumes and smokes. It is at this stage that a smoke sensor is useful. It can detect unusual fumes and trigger a warning. Amie when integrated to smoke sensors using G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints, can activate certain loads or send out notifications alerting a potential fire situation.



Gas Leak -

Gas leak sensors are widely available and can detect LPG leaks in kitchens and pipe ducts. Amie can integrate to gas sensors with the G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoint and alert users of a potential gas leak threat.



Popular Voice Commands for Amie home protection -


  • Switch on Fire Control

  • Call for help

  • Switch on Away

  • Switch on Siren




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