Key Benefits of Smart Home Automation Technology

With the emergence and advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the whole world is moving towards a “smart” environment. We are bombarded with information about how our day to day activities are being controlled by AI through all the smart devices. With the sprouting of smart cities and smart countries, it has become a necessity that the living spaces also should be converted into a smart one. Yes, we are talking about our own houses and offices and about making them smart. Smart Home Automation helps in connecting your living spaces with the outside world. This in-turn helps in accessing your living spaces on the go. A smart home automation system is something that may free you from your worries of keeping a check on your house and other activities. It allows you all the controls of your living spaces at your fingertips.Your home is always just a click away from you whenever you want to inspect it for any reason. Smart home automation has augmented our quality of living and made life easier and enjoyable by getting all the controls on our phones. So here are some tested advantages of having a home automation system installed at your home.

Unified Controls

Having smart home automation facilitates the operation of all your devices / appliances from one place.You can manage all your appliances from your tablet or mobile phones or voice assistants. This is undoubtedly one of the best advantages of having a smart home automation.

Simplified Living

In this era where everyone is on the move, Smart Home Automation helps us in simplifying our everyday activities. A Smart Home helps us save time in multiple aspects. For example, you don’t have to be physically present at home to open the door for your children returning back from school or for your maid who has arrived to maintain your house / office. You just have to open the app on your mobile device, check the live feed on the IP camera to see who is at your gate / door and then at a click of a button, unlock. And all this when you are away or on the go. We at Amie Smart Home understand the value of your time and have designed the best possible smart system.


Convenience in your day-to-day life is the essence of Smart Home Automation.

A smart home system facilitates you in controlling your home / office irrespective

of the place where you may be. Whenever you forget to switch off your devices / appliances, you don’t have to rush back home. You just need to take out your mobile device and control. Amie Smart Home provides user-friendly solutions for convenient living.


In this modern world, security is a priority. With alarms and sensors having their own drawbacks, Smart Home Automation provides peace of mind regarding the security aspect. You can receive alerts when there is a person at the door / gate. On receiving the alert the video feed can be checked and verified if the person at the door is an intruder or unwanted visitor. You can keep a regular check on your home when you are out on vacation. You can switch on all the connected lights with a single click of your finger whenever there is suspicious intruder. Amie Smart Home has all the security solutions for the modern day living.

Money Saver

Yes, Smart Home Automation helps you save money. How ? You can forget worrying about huge electricity bills by not having switched off your lights, fans, AC’s when you are away from home, as all the controls are just a click away on your mobile phone. You can also schedule all your appliances as per the pattern of the usage. For example, you can schedule the gate lights to be on / off for certain periods during the day / night. You can schedule the functioning of the AC, water heaters, coffee makers to the most convenient time. Amie Smart Home has all these features.


Security is something fundamental that you demand for your home. Your valuable possessions and belongings need to be safe in your home. By installing a home, automated systems from Amie Home Automation will give you a peace of mind and security for your house. You can keep a regular check on your home when you are out on vacation. You can switch on the lights with a single click of your finger whenever you are suspicious of something going nearby your house. You can be vigilant throughout, and you can also get alerts if there is some unwanted activity taking place in the house. You can take care of your house just by a simple app on your mobile phone.

Ease of Installation

Any change has to be hassle-free and changing your living space into a smart one also needs to be one. We at Amie Smart Home provide a plug and play model of installation where any conventional home can be converted into a smart one with just a few simple installation procedures.

Simply put, Amie Smart Home is the best Smart Home Automation which is future ready.

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