5 best home automation products for India

Homes go beyond looks and comfort these days, It is a whole new way of looking at things. Being Eco-friendly is not just about saving, but optimization of all the things available at our disposal to its full potential, Ala SMART. It is simpler than you think, thanks to technology, especially in the field of home automation.

Selecting a smart home solution especially for a country like India is not as simple as say purchasing a mobile phone. We need to factor in frequent power outages, unstable voltages, and after sales support., if something does go bad. picking up the cheapest solution off the shelf isn't the wisest thing to do.

That is where Amie smart home solution steps in. It is such a flexible and easy to upgrade system, whether it is for an entry-level setup or a complete home automation solution. There are different solutions to fit different needs all of which are rigorously tested to cope with Indian conditions so that the user can enjoy a trouble free ownership experience.

Amie Smart Home Solution is a HUB type system consisting of the Intelli-Smart HUB and Endpoints which sits perfectly behind the conventional wall switch boards. The Intelli- Smart HUB sits at the heart of all device and utilities-related operations in a smart home. The hub ties together various devices and systems to a centralized platform simplifying the network configuration for the user. The smart hub can accept commands via Amie smartphone app or Amazon Alexa, and can control all devices - Lights, Fans, Air Conditioners, Geysers, Door locks, etc, that are on Amie network.

The genius in endpoints is that it can fit behind switchboards with absolutely no additional wiring or modifications. End points are available in variations designed specifically to cater to various functions and customer needs.

1. 12 series QS

The ‘QS’ is an endpoint suitable for controlling 2 high powered loads up to 1000 Watts each. It is ideal for controlling high power usage devices like Geysers, A\C's, High power lights etc and also provides voltage protection to all connected devices.

2. 15 series QD

The endpoint ‘QD’ can control 2 ON/OFF loads(eg: lights) of up to 150 watts each and 1 one TRIAC dimming channel for Incandescent bulbs or for Ceiling fan speed control. It is designed to find standard room requirement consisting of 1 show bulb/LED, 1 tube light and 1 ceiling fan.

3. 19 series 3S

The endpoint '3S’ is for applications where the number of loads requiring ON/OFF are more in number and where there are no dimmable devices(Fan/Dimmable lights absent). It can handle 3 loads up to 150 watts each (aggregate per channel).

4. 03 series VDD / 11 series 3VD

The endpoints VDD and 3VD are tailor made specifically for dimming constant voltage DC lamps like LED strip lights. VDD can handle single color strip lights of up to 10 meters in length.

3VD is made specifically made for dimming multi color constant voltage DC lamps like LED RGB strip lights. It can handle RGB strip lights of up to 10 meters in length.

Dimming of the LED is possible via Amie smartphone app and RGB Color changing is also possible along with mood lighting via Amie app. All the connected lights turn ON/OFF with smooth dimming giving a theater-esque feel which lifts the mood of the room.

5. 360 IR Module

The 360 IR Module can learn the IR commands from any remote control and mimic the function of the same. This endpoint can be used to control devices like air conditioners and other remote operable appliances in the same room.

The device can control Home theater room devices like Projector, Sound systems, AVR, A\C etc and can be used to set all devices in a particular room to act as a single scene(eg: CInema mode can turn ON all of the devices in the home theater with the click of a button).

The 360 IR Module can also learn the IR code directly from the remote, in case the database is missing the codes of your air conditioner or IR device.

The 360 Module also pairs up with QD to enable Sleep-Sense, a unique feature where the user gets optimum comfort levels for sleeping yet enjoy high power savings as well.

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