Upgrade to a Smart Home with the Best Home Automation System in India

Amie is the best way to convert your living space into a Smart Home. It helps you automate your home in ways never thought possible before. 

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Speak to Smart Home Solutions

Control your home through voice commands by connecting Amazon Alexa to Amie smart home automation system. Amie's advanced voice commands help you get things done faster,  hands free


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Smart Home Automation Solutions For All Ages

Home automation and control with mobile apps and voice commands may not be the most convenient way at all times. Amie wireless home automation solutions integrates even to traditional wall switches giving a seamless experience.


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Amie Smart Alerts

Get informed in unique ways when your favourite contacts call to your phone. Amie can notify you by blinking a light of your choice to get your attention.

Amie Building Blocks

Amie Smart home is built using a Smart hub and many small modules called Endpoints each meant to serve a unique purpose. Click on images to know more.

More about Amie Smart home control systems

Amie is a next-generation smart home control system capable of quickly converting any living space into a connected and intelligent space. Amie provides features which go beyond “home automation” which has nowadays become a cliche. Amie brings in many industry-first features which help in making your home truly smart living space.


Amie was built with a lot of thought on fundamentals. We studied how humans have interacted with their house (living space) from childhood and realized that it is impossible for humans to quickly forget the ways in which they were interacting with their house till now and learn new ways, even if the new ways are much more effective. The advancement of computing, internet technologies and the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) have brought in immense power to the user. It takes time for humans to adapt to new ways which are based on fast-changing technologies. We wanted to ensure that the user always has access to a legacy method of controlling his home even after Amie was installed. So we made Amie compatible with existing wall switches in a home. Amie is one of the few smart home systems around which can seamlessly connect to existing wall switches.


Speaking about industry firsts, Amie is the only smart home solution which can connect to any regular wall mount fan dimmer irrespective of the make and model. Also, Amie is the only smart home control system which has a 100% noiseless fan dimming capability.


The Amie hub and software platform are high-end processing systems which enable some very cool features. The Amie Intelli hub has an inbuilt active AI processing module which is capable of detecting human presence in security camera feeds in real-time. Advanced features such as Smart Alerts and Magical Switches are also unique to Amie.


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What is amie sMART home automation

A few words about Amie

the best smart  home automation company in Kerala India

How Amie Home automation Works

See how Amie works in this explanatory video. Using Amie to control a device through app, voice, and wall switch is explained.

Amie Building Blocks

Amie smart home automation system has many endpoints each built to meet a purpose. Get to know a few of them in this video.

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