Automating your lamps with Home lighting automation system

Lighting is an integral part of human life. We humans (and most of the animals too) have the ability to see and we recognise our surroundings with the help of light. In addition to sight, light plays an important role in telling our brain about the time of day and it has direct relation to our sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Artificial lighting has become a part of our everyday life. Home lighting automation(also known as Lighting Control systems) is an inevitable part of future living spaces. Studies have shown that being able to control the source of light to one’s preference opens up venues for assisting humans to improve their mood and productivity. Even latest agricultural techniques make use of artificial lighting to assist plant growth.



Lighting technologies have evolved over the past few decades starting from Incandescent Lamps till the latest LED Lamps. In the real world, all these various types of lamps from different eras, used for different applications, still coexist. Providing an automation solution for these various types of solutions have been challenging.


The Amie Smart Home lighting system addresses these issues and enables complete control of various lighting technologies. With Amie, one can do functions like basic On/Off to advanced dimming and multi-color creation.



Popular Voice Commands for Amie home lighting control are -


  • Switch on living light

  • Switch off living light

  • Set living light to 50%

  • Set room light to warm

  • Set room light to white

  • Switch on sunset scene


LED Lamps lighting control systems

LED lamps consume very less power but are still able to give out very high light outputs. These have become very popular in recent times and almost all living spaces have at least one LED based lamp working in it. Amie provides lighting control systems over a variety of lamps.


The basic control required for an LED lamp is an On/Off control. Many LED lamps tend to have very high inrush currents and poor power factor ratings. So even if it is a low wattage lamp, switching On/Off an LED lamp is a bit challenging as it causes extra electrical stress on the switching elements.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint is a perfect device to provide On/Off functionality to any LED lamp. The Amie G2 Quad QDD Endpoint also can be used for this application.


Supported LED lamps include LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Downlights, LED Spot Lights, LED Architectural Lamps, LED Strip Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Underwater Lights, LED Modules, LED Signages and LED Signboards.

Dimmable LED Lamps

These lamps have an edge over normal LED lamps with their ability to control their brightness. There are a few different dimming techniques used to provide dimming to the LED lamps and out of that Phase-Cut Dimming and 0-10V Analog Voltage Dimming are the most popular ones. Integrating such lamps to a smart home system was a challenge, but not with Amie around.


The Amie G2 Quad QDD Endpoint or G1 Triac Dimmer Endpoint can be used to control LED Lamps with Phase-Cut dimming capability.


The Amie G1 Analog Dimmer Endpoint can be used to control LED Lamps with 0-10V Analog dimming capability.


Supported LED lamps include LED Panel Lights, LED Downlights, LED Spot Lights, LED Architectural Lamps and any other LED lamp with Phase-Cut or 0-10V Analog dimming capabilities.

LED Strip Lights

Linear lighting has become a de facto standard in modern architectural and interior designs. The invention of LED linear lights also known as LED strip lights has created a revolution in this application in the past decade. LED Strip lights come in various colors, wattages and light intensities. These are mostly DC powered and work from a Constant DC Voltage (less than 48V).


LED Strip lights can have basic On/Off function and Dimming function. Multi-color LED Strip light also require color generation function.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint can be used for basic On/Off switching of LED Strips. The Amie G1 Voltage Dimmer Endpoint can be used for basic 0-100% dimming of LED strips at high resolution. The Amie G1 3VD Endpoint is used for generating colors with RGB LED Strip Lights.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps were the predecessors of LED lamps in general indoor lighting applications. CFLs were mostly On/Off control devices and gave good omnidirectional light outputs.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint or G2 Quad QDD Endpoint can be used for basic On/Off switching of CFLs.

Fluorescent Tube Lights

Tube lights have been around us for more than three decades. They have a peculiar quality of providing high level of diffused illumination with low glare, which is soothing to the eye. These lamps also provide omni directional lighting and are still quite popular.


Fluorescent Tube Lights mostly have only On/Off functions and require expensive equipment for dimming.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint or G2 Quad QDD Endpoint can be used for basic On/Off switching of Tube Lights.

Incandescent Lamps & Halogen Lamps

Yes, and incandescent lamp is the same “electric bulb” which Thomas Alva Edison invented. It works on the principle of light being emitted when a material becomes extremely hot (in this case the filament of the bulb). These lamps are simple in construction are not very efficient in terms of energy. Many of the developed nations have banned electric bulbs, but most developing nations still use it.


Halogen lamps are technically improved incandescent lamps. They tend to provide better light outputs, efficiency, and durability than normal electric bulbs.


Electric Bulbs and halogen lamps can have both On/Off and dimming functions. They tend to give out excellent dimming feel and is mostly used for architectural lighting.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint is perfect to provide On/Off functionality to electric bulbs. And for dimming applications, the Amie G2 Quad QDD Endpoint or G1 Triac Dimmer can be used.

Other Lamps & home automation light switch

There are many other lighting technologies used for specific applications. Some of the widely used ones are Metal Halide Lamps and Sodium Vapour Lamps. They are generally used for outdoor wide area lighting and in some cases for indoor high-intensity lighting.


Both these lamps respond to basic On/Off functions. These lamps tend to have high power ratings and lower power factor ratings.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint is can handle smaller Metal Halide or Sodium Vapour lamps. For higher wattages, an external contactor might be needed.

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