Personal security​

Security of humans is a major application in any futuristic smart home solution. Amie has many elements which when combined can act as a superior home security system.


Security features are achieved in Amie by -


Artificial Intelligence based camera monitoring


Amie is the first smart home system to have inbuilt local AI processing. The AI engine in Amie Intelli Hub is capable of analysing real-time security camera feeds and detecting human presence in the feed. If any human presence is detected, the hub can then takes actions such as switching On/Off devices or sending our emergency notifications/SMS, sound sirens etc.


This is a very powerful feature which acts as a virtual watchman for your home.


Motion Sensor Integration


Motion sensors can be integrated into Amie using the G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints. When the motion sensor is triggered, it is captured as a switch toggle by Amie and a certain action is achieved. When this is coupled with Magic Switches function, many advanced security arrangements can be developed.


Vibration Sensor Integration


Vibration sensors capture unusual vibrations on doors and windows. These help in giving out early warnings of a break-in. The sensors can be integrated into Amie using the G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints.


Perimeter Sensor Integration


Perimeter sensors are used to detect an unusual opening of door and windows. These are basically magnetic switches which get activated when the doors are forcefully opened. The G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints are used to connect these sensors to the Amie platform.


Sound Sensor Integration


Sound sensors are used to capture the high pitched sound of glass shatter and can be used to detect a window break-in. This can be used as an early warning sign of an attempted break-in. The G1 Switch Transmitter Endpoints is sufficient to integrate a sound sensor to Amie.


Popular Voice Commands for Amie Security -


  • Secure the house

  • Secure the bedroom

  • Secure the living room

  • Turn on Master

  • Turn on Siren

  • Call for help




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