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We all tend to have different moods during the day. It is a known fact that the ambience of your living space affects your mood. Imagine a hot sunny and humid day, you are outdoors and sweating because of the heat and humidity. At the moment, even a small breeze gives you much comfort even though it might be momentary. You become instantly more energetic. Likewise, positive and quick changes in the ambience of your living space or room can help change your mood instantly.


Imagine a situation where you come to your home from work in the evening, driving through the traffic, all tired. The first thing your might want to do is to sit and relax on the sofa for some time. At that moment, imagine the air conditioner settings change automatically to make you comfortable and the lights in your room change intensity to be soft on your tired eyes. It would be wonderful, you will feel instantly relaxed and there is a good chance that your might easily get rid of that mild traffic induced headache.


Amie has many features which help the user in achieving Mood Control/Creation easily. Specific “scenes” can be created in Amie which can activate mood elevating setups at the touch of a button or a simple voice command.


The Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint can be used for On/Off functions whereas the G2 Quad QDD Endpoint or G1 Triac Dimmer Endpoint can be used to control fan speed or dim electric bulbs. Cove lights can be controlled by Amie G1 Voltage Dimmer or 3VD Endpoints and air conditioners can be controlled by Amie AIR Modules.


Popular Voice Commands for Amie mood creation -


  • Set scene to Relax

  • Set scene to Sunset

  • Set scene to Active

  • Set scene to Meeting

  • Set scene to Guest

  • Set scene to Party


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