Smart alerts

Another unique feature of Amie is Smart Alerts. This feature allows you to configure one or more lamps of your choice to blink when you get an incoming call on your smartphone in which Amie app is installed. This is very helpful when your smartphone is in silent mode. The blinking lights can indicate you of the incoming call.


A good practical application is when you have babies at home. It is easy for the babies to get disturbed from their sleep when they hear a mobile phone ringing. So if smart alerts is switched on, the parents can see the lights blinking and know that there is a call coming in and answer the call without waking up the baby.


This is also useful when watching movies at home so that a ringing phone does not disturb others.


The Amie Smart Home App has extensive setup features which allow for configuring Smart Alerts, Schedulers and User Management. Amie App is available for both Android and iOS.




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