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Have you ever experienced that chill in the airports and movie halls? We are talking about the cold air coming from the air conditioners. Air conditioners are supposed to deliver air which conditions the climate inside living space to be more suitable for humans. But most of the time, they tend to just overly or insufficiently cool the place. This disrupts the climate in the living space. And humans are very sensitive to climatic changes. Changes in ambient temperature and humidity affect humans a lot. Prolonged exposure to inconsistent ambient temperatures tends to weaken the body and generates discomfort.


A smart home system can be effectively used to precisely control the climate in an enclosed living space. Data captured via user preferences or real-time sensors can be used to alter the functioning of the air conditioning system to create a perfectly balanced climate in the living space. Amie Smart Home system has the capability to connect with air conditioners and sensors to allow control of the climate.


The Amie Auto IR module can be used to control air conditioning units by mimicking the commands of the IR remote of the ACs. Amie G1 Switch Transmitter can be used to connect to sensors to detect huge changes in temperature and humidity. The Amie platform has the ability to process room wise climate data and trigger responses in the ACs on a real-time basis.


Popular Voice Commands for Amie climate control -


  • Turn on the AC

  • Turn off the AC

  • Set the AC to 24 degrees at midnight

  • Turn on the AC every day at 9 pm

  • Turn off the AC after 1 hour


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