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Magical Switches is a unique feature of the Amie Smart Home system. All these years, we have known our wall switches to behave in a certain way. It mostly controls only one particular load to which the switch is connected. We at Amie thought, why should there be such a limitation? Why can’t we make these switches more intelligent? And finally, we came up with some concepts which when implemented, felt like Magic, hence we named it Magical Switches!


In Amie Smart Home System, each of your wall switches can be configured to control as many loads as needed without having a direct wire running between the switch and the load. It can also be configured to have multiple functions.


A few application examples would be -


  • A switch can act as a Bedroom Lamp switch during the day time and at night after 10pm the same switch can act as a Master switch. So at night, if you face any emergency, toggling your bedroom lamp switch will activate all the lights in your house. To take things one step further, we can also send a notification to your dear ones simultaneously.

  • A switch in the Foyer can be configured as an “Away” switch, which when toggled will turn off all the active non-essential loads in your home. This is helpful in cases where you are going out in a hurry and need to switch off any lights or fans which you might have left operating.

  • Your normal fan regulator can become a dimmer knob for any of your dimmable lights. Sometimes, it is convenient to use wall knobs for dimming instead of your mobile app. This is where Magical Switches can help.


Popular Voice Commands for Amie Magical Switches -


  • Turn on Master

  • Turn on Away Mode




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