Intelligent fan control

Have you wondered how a simple everyday appliance such as an electric fan affects us? Fans, in simple terms, are devices which are used to move air around. And we generally use fans to cool our living spaces. The speed of the fan is critical in defining how much air should be moved how fast.


Many people respond differently to the flow of air or let's say wind. Some people like it, some don't, some like a breeze and a very few love to experience hurricanes. In any case, it defines the quality of your environment. A well-ventilated room with a small movement of air is always good.


At times we might need a stronger flow of air. And then we depend on a fan speed controller to increase the speed of the fan and make air move faster. Fans are basically rotating electric motors the speed of which can be adjusted. A smart home system will automatically adjust the speed of the fan to the users liking. This makes the living space more comfortable. This automated control is much helpful if the user is asleep. He need not wake up in discomfort or get his sleep interrupted by a fan which is slow or fast and is not giving him a soothing ambience.


Amie has developed its fan speed control hardware to be compatible with all types of electric fans. The Amie software platform also allows for advanced scheduling of fan speed. Certain custom sensor integrations also allow implementing a full-fledged climate control system using Amie.


The Amie G2 Quad QDD Endpoint or G1 Triac Dimmer Endpoint can be used to control fan speed. Certain BLDC fans can be controlled using Amie G2 Quad Switch Endpoint or Amie Auto IR Module.


Popular Voice Commands for Amie fan control -


  • Switch on bedroom fan

  • Switch off bedroom fan

  • Set bedroom fan to 50%

  • Set bedroom fan to full

  • Increase speed of bedroom fan

  • Decrease bedroom fan

  • Reduce speed of bedroom fan to 30% at 4 am.

  • Switch off bedroom at 6am.


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